Redemption /Closure of EPCG Authorisations

a) Authorisation holder shall apply for redemption in ANF 5B with documents prescribed therein as a proof of EO fulfilment.

(b) On being satisfied, RA concerned shall issue a certificate of discharge of export obligation to the EPCG authorisation holder and forward a copy to Customs Authorities with whom BG/LUT has been executed. A statement giving details of the documents submitted by the authorisation holder towards evidence of EO fulfilment shall also be enclosed with the certificate.

(c) RA shall process such applications ordinarily within 30 days. Shortcomings, if any, shall be pointed out in one go. All correspondence, thereafter, shall relate to these deficiencies only. Fresh correspondence, if necessary, shall be within 15 days. Once documents are complete, EO will be discharged within 30 days of receipt of complete documents /information.

(d) Applications that remain outstanding beyond a period of 60 days after receipt of complete documents shall be reported to the EPCG Division at DGFT headquarters alongwith reasons thereof.

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