Clarification/relaxation etc. from DGFT Committee.(i.e. EPCG Committee, Norms Committee & Policy Relaxation Committee (PRC) )

DGFT may in public interest pass such orders or grant such exemption, relaxation or relief, as he may deem fit and proper, on grounds of genuine hardship and adverse impact on trade to any person or class or category of persons from any provision of FTP or any procedure. While granting such exemption, DGFT may impose such conditions as he may deem fit after consulting the Committees as under:

S.No. Description Committees
a) Fixation/modification of product norms Nexus with Capital Goods (CG) and benefits under EPCG Scheme
b) Norms Committees EPCG Scheme
c) All other issues Policy Relaxation Committee (PRC)
Extension & Enhancement of import License
We may also assist to you in extension & Enhancement of Import Authorisation (License).

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